Payment Options

In order to book your tour to Peru (travel program) we require a first deposit of 30% of the total price of the chosen program. The remaining balance can be paid 15 days prior to your arrival in Peru, there are three ways you can make this first payment for your Trip to Peru, please choose the one that is more convenient for you:

1. Bank transfer

The safest payment method, economic and usually fast.

You can transfer money to our bank account (Banco de Credito del Peru), once the transaction has been made, you would have to send us the voucher or receipt and we will be able to get started with the reservations for your tour to Peru. Transfers usually take between 24 and 48 hours to show up on our bank account, once the money shows up we will send you the payment receipt over email.


2. Western Union - money wire

Fast, easy and economic!

Visit Western Union`s website to locate your country of residence and the branch closest to you. Is it possible to make your payment online or by phone, or you will have to visit a Western Union branch. Payments can be made with a VISA or MASTERCARD (credit or debit) for online and over the phone payments, or with cash when doing it at a branch. You will have to indicate the name of the person who will receive the transfer (please ask your Travel Specialist) and the city in Peru where the money should be cashed. Then you will receive a MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) that we will require in order to cash the payment, one it has been cashed we will send you the payment receipt over email.


3. Credit Card

A very safe form of payment, with no additional charges that will affect your travel quote.

Thanks for trusting us with your payment, we will make sure to organize, for you, an unforgettable vacation in Peru.

Viaje Peru, Peru Travel Specialists